Tuesday, April 1, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Shout out to Danner for proliferating the blog lists....

Today I am grateful for...

1. The few minutes I get alone with my husband every morning while he gets ready for work. I hate that the Little Guy does not see Daddy before he goes to work, but that time is precious to me.

2. Heaven. Our Ladies' class talked about some passages from Revelation this morning and it was wonderful to be reminded that there is much more to life than just what we can see, touch and taste in this moment.

3. The rain let up and we had sunshine today! Hooray!

4. My son thinks my husband is the greatest thing that ever happened. That makes two of us.

5. The Japanese maple in our yard is budding, and it is simply lovely.

6. I have marked 3 projects off my running "House Projects" list.

7. My friend Stephanie thought to ask about John Mark's ear today. (He has to see an ENT about some fluid that just won't go away.) It made me feel so loved.

8. John Mark thinks all TV shows are divided into 2 categories: "Elmo" and "news." Both of these are met with equal excitement, and "news" even has its own dance, which includes chanting "news, news" while you dance.

9. I got to make a late-night Target run with Jamie. Kids, that is a good time, even though they had already closed the snack bar for the night.

10. My husband told me our bathroom had flooded while I was at Target. Unfortunately, I forgot it was April 1st and freaked out. Fortunately, this was a lie. :)

Okay, next week, I will have the cute little 10 Things logo like all the cool girls.


Danna Ramsey said...

Loved these things. Steph's good like that. Admit it, listing feels right ...

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

I think listing has become an addiction in our circle. Pretty soon you will be making lists for you know who w/ the label making tool and your entire attic filled with rubbermaid.


Kim said...

Ashleigh! I clicked onto you from Danna!!! What a treat to catch up and little and hear your voice again! Can't wait to keep reading!