Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
It's Tuesday! Time to pause and be thankful--

1. We had a wonderful weekend in Little Rock and Searcy, but I am GLAD to be home today!

2. We had a potluck at Ladies' Class today....boy, do I love me some potluck food. Especially what the older ladies bring. Those gals can cook, kids!

3. I am so grateful for the ladies who are kind enough to watch our babies while we meet and discuss our bible lessons each week. It is such a blessing to have a little quiet time with friends and to know that our babies are being loved and cared for.

4. I got to see Brother Winston at the church building today. That is definitely where he belongs. Praise God for his healing! He is such a gift to our church family.

5. John Mark took a loooooooooong nap this afternoon. It did not help his grouchy mood too much, but it did help mine!

6. I received a very unexpected phone call from an old, old friend today. It was good to catch up and talk about life and faith and Harding gossip and American Idol.

7. We had pancakes for supper. I love pancakes any ol' time, but supper is the best.

8. It was Neil Diamond night on American Idol. Sadly, no one sang "Cracklin' Rosie." This is not really something to be thankful for, necessarily, but Neil looked pretty dang good for someone who's gotta be pushing 70.

9. I paid bills tonight and there was more than enough money in the bank to cover them all. While the news talks about skyrocketing food and fuel prices, I really am grateful that we don't have to make choices such as whether we will buy medicine or food, pay the mortgage or the electric bill.

10. It is just 10pm and I am done with all my to do a bit of reading. I am so very thankful for good books!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Okay, that was a great list, no. 7, yes, I agree. However, and I know these aren't in any particular order, but No. 5, really should have been No. 1. I mean did you see my number one??? You see what I mean!

Danna Ramsey said...

I thought of you tonight. Something about Neil will always remind me of you. I think it's the hair.

Hannah said...

We missed y'all at the park yesterday, but I totally understand letting the little ones sleep as long as possible!

Davies Family said...

Ashleigh...I stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad. :) I was cracking up about Facebook--I was so with you, and then my sisters talked me into it when I was home in March. Apparently, I should not be giving any talks about resisting peer pressure any time soon. :) Brett still scoffs at me about it....but I have to admit it's kind of fun. :) (go ahead and groan) Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Do you still have your site dedicated to John Mark? I would love to see pictures. Stacy :)