Tuesday, April 8, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

I have so very, very much to be thankful for. Here's just a glimpse....

1. My son finds the fact that we have bananas in the house reason enough to dance. In the kitchen. To the music in his own head. LOVE it :)

2. Our Ladies' Class prayer requests ranged from the heavy to the mildly stressful to the downright mundane--what a wonderful reminder that God will listen to all my concerns because He loves me (just as these sweet friends do!)

3. I got to help our worship minister brainstorm some ideas for our midweek worship time. Exercising my creative mind makes me feel energized...and who doesn't like to feel that their opinion is valuable?!

4. It was a perfect day to catch a quick nap this afternoon! I did, and I woke up feeling so much better. Good enough to fold laundry, even.

5. One of my "old" high school girls came by to visit me today. She is about to enter the teaching profession, and God is going to use her in amazing ways as she loves and molds young lives.

6. We had homemade tamales for supper, purchased through the Hispanic Center's fundraiser. Aw, kids--you could taste the love that went into every bite!

7. Speaking of the Hispanic Center...I am really thankful to see that Jonesboro is becoming more diverse and inclusive of other cultures. It's fun to see our city changing in that way.

8. I love the simple prayers we share before our family meal each night. John Mark stretches out his hands for us to hold as soon as we sit at the table and says, "pay-rrrrrrrr."

9. I have friends that help me find humor in the ridiculous (and frustrating) things that seem to happen every day. I was reminded today of how therapeutic it is to laugh instead of worrying or complaining.

10. Only 2 more days 'til new episodes of The Office! I might need a new outfit for the occasion.

(I don't know how to get rid of the 2 boxes above the "10 Things" button. Who knows? Just pretend you don't see them--or pretend it's all artsy and stuff.)


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Next week I think you should add that your son calling out for Ms. Linda made her smile so big and you could tell he made her feel special. He has a special knack for making people feel like he cares for them. Sweet soul!!

Danna Ramsey said...

Billie's girls have a made up "pray for the food" song that they start singing as soon as they sit down. Basically, our tradition consists of Sophie whining, "somebody else say the blessing!" We're not big public pray-ers, us Ramsey women.