Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celebrity Crushes: A 20 Year Retrospective (part 2)

The High School Years: 1992ish-1995

Kadeem Hardison as Dewayne Wayne
Dewayne Wayne: One of the classic nerdy-turned-cool guys. And much cuter than Bill Gates, no? He had the flip glasses, the witty banter, the calculus mind, the romantic touch that finally won over Whitley. And me. Kadeem, you rocked my homogeneous world. I like to think I could have been the one cool white girl on your campus.

Luke Perry as Dylan McKay
Listen up people: Dylan was not just a "bad boy," he was a renaissance man. He was a poetry-reading, AA-going, tear-wiping, daddy-hating, Brenda-loving, wetsuit-wearing, Harley-riding Byronic hero. He took Brenda to donate blood for their first Valentine's Day, y'all!

To be honest: This crush did linger into my college years, when an unnamed roommate and I watched 90210 from the very beginning. (Even the episodes we had missed due to our parents' censorship or the unfortunate seasons that ran on Wednesday nights.) One of us actually made her class schedule based on the airtime for these shows. Um, it wasn't me.

Robert Sean Leonard
3 words: Dead Poets Society.

My love for ol' RSL knew no bounds. Then he was in Swing Kids. Then he completely fell of the face of the earth. But, BUT! He is now back on House! Not quite so cute as before, but, in my humble opinion, a pretty stinking good actor. I am hoping that this TV role does not end in his shooting himself or being shipped off to a concentration camp.

Ethan Hawke
Noticing a pattern here? What can I say...for a girl whose wildest fantasy was being shipped off to boarding school, Dead Poets Society was practically porn.

I was fairly convinced that Ethan was a cinematic genius, but then...Reality Bites. Even with all the greasy hair, that flick, kids, was deep. And very, very 1994. (As it was aptly observed by my friend who did not watch the movie until 1999.)
I actually own that movie on VHS and I might drag it out later tonight.

Bonus: GirlCrush........Dana Delaney
The History Channel started running reruns of China Beach in the afternoons when I was in 9th grade. I still think that was one of the best shows ever to air on TV. Dana Delaney was spectacular with her no-nonsense haircut and her bad drinking habit. Way better than the current slop on Desperate Housewives.

I think this was about the time I started dying my hair red.

Note to self: See if China Beach is on NetFlix...

Part III coming soon........


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Oh, I loved Dana Delaney and I think China Beach was one of the best shows....EVER! They had some cutie guys on there too! Yes, I too was convinced I would be a cool white girl on a Different World.

Andria said...

I'm loving your list and agree completely! Although, I had the hots for John Stamos back in the early Full House Days.

Elizabeth said...

I am loving the crush posts. Only two weeks until Labor Day! We are so excited about coming to Jonesboro!

Danna Ramsey said...

Ash, have you seen the new promos for the CHRISTIAN SLATER show? Sigh ... Jeff knows that I feel this way. (I feel compelled to add...)

Joe and Mel said...

Okay, you are hilarious and I'm hooked. Your car musings post made me laugh out loud too. I wish we lived in the same town.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Okay, you were doing so well with the posting....have you lost your creativity again?

Lisa Beth said...

Hey, Ashleigh! I found your blog through Stacy's blog. I love it!

I also had a crush on Dewayne Wayne and Dylan McKay--like millions of other girls--but I am shocked that you loved Robert Sean Leonard! I did too! I loved him in Dead Poets Society and I loved him in Swing Kids and now I love him on House. Awesome!