Friday, June 6, 2008

Sum, sum, summertime

And, oh, that can only mean one thing: Camp! I do love me some summer camp. Which is odd, considering that I don't like to sweat, I don't like to do sportsy stuff outside and I don't like mosquitoes. But, somehow, all those things together + sleeping in a cabin with like 15 other girls + swimming in a nasty pool + doing some cheesy crafts + singing every 1970's devo song ever written = Big fun. My dad was actually the director of our church camp for many years, so our family would MOVE to camp every June. I really do miss those days. I even try to get my husband to wear Deep Woods Off sometimes to conjure up memories of those camp romances....

This week the youth group went over to the Country Gardens apartment complex to do a little mini-camp with the kiddos there. John Mark and I helped serve snackies. I absolutely LOVED seeing our teenagers in action! They paired up with the little kids and took them around to about 20 different carnival games. They did all the "big buddy" stuff like helping them open their snacks, putting straws in the juice boxes, reminding them to throw away the trash, and letting them win at the games. It was precious. JM even got in on the action! He had his very first taste of another summer favorite...Pop Ice! Here he is with one of our teenage friends:

Being over at the little camp reminded me of the most demanding job I've ever had: Day Camp Counselor. Sheesh! At the ripe old age of 17, I was responsible for keeping a whole cabin full of 4-year-olds from drowning, getting stung by a wasp or wandering into the woods. During registration on Monday, one of my camper's moms introduced herself and said I would need to make sure her daughter did not get into the sand box (which was actually a full-sized sand volleyball court)....because she had a glass eye. Of course, this was a perfectly reasonable request, but have you ever tried to keep a kid out of a sand box? I think I made it 3 days before said camper's buddies lured her into the sand. I had to call her mom, who then drove to camp so she could take out the eye and wash it. Bless her heart!

When John Mark goes to camp, I think my first question is going to be, "How old is his counselor?" If they say any age younger than 30, we will be bringing our sleeping bag and bug spray right on home.


Random shot of the week: Who doesn't love to get some homemade goodies in the mail? I found these in John Mark's mailbox yesterday. In case you can't tell, they are the trimmed ends of asparagus spears that we had for supper. On Tuesday. Mmmmm.